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Most insurance companies have a claim center to handle storm claims. They are usually open 24 hours and can get the process started.

The deductible is the portion of the claim the insurance company requires you to pay. The amount of the deductible varies based on the type of policy you selected. The deductible is paid to the contractor and can not be waived, rebated or absorbed per Illinois Statute 815 ILCS 513/18.

The adjuster who inspects your property will provide a loss statement for the repairs. You should review this document with your Meridian Restoration Representative. If anything is missing from the estimate, Meridian Restoration will notify your insurance company.

Typically, an adjuster will call within 24 to 48 hours to schedule a date and time to inspect the storm damage. The actual meeting could be a few days out or one to two weeks after the initial call is made. It’s important you let the Meridian Restoration Representative you are working with know once the appointment is scheduled or if the scheduled time changes.

It depends on the size and the pitch of the roof, but most jobs take one to two days to complete. Siding can take three to five days.

During the repairs to your property, factors such as building code requirements, labor considerations, or additional material needs may be discovered. If an issue arises we document it and communicate the necessary changes to the insurance company.

Your Lender has a financial interest in the property. Often, checks from the insurance company will have your mortgage company listed as a payee. You will need to contact your mortgage company’s Loss Draft Department and obtain their required forms. Fill out the portion of the forms applicable to you, then forward the forms to your Meridian Restoration Representative and we will fill out the portion of the forms that require the contractor’s information.

Meridian Restoration will obtain all necessary permits and coordinate their closure.

To avoid delays in the completion of your project, additional materials are ordered. If there are left over materials after the work is completed, these materials will be picked up by the supplier and returned. Be sure to leave returns in place so supplier can pick them up.

Shortly after your roofing or siding project is underway, Meridian Restoration will send you a “progress invoice.” The invoice will be for Actual Cash Value (ACV) funds for the work completed based on the initial loss statement and the check you received. The “progress invoice” is only the first invoice, not your final invoice.

The final invoice is sent after repairs are complete and the insurance company has reviewed and approved supplements. As a courtesy, Meridian Restoration sends a final invoice to your insurance company so they know to release any remaining funds for the completed work.

In addition to the statutory warranty as required by the State of Illinois, Meridian Restoration goes above and beyond providing you with our “Protection Pledge” Limited Lifetime Labor Warranty and a GAF System Plus Warranty 50 year non pro-rated material warranty, registered directly with GAF Materials Corporation after receiving payment in full.

Please call your dedicated Meridian Restoration Field representative with any questions or concerns. If you are unable to reach the Field Representative you are working with, you can reach our office at 847-533-2905.

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