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Are your windows damaged by hail?

Because hail damaged windows are hard to spot, many homeowners will not know their windows are damaged until it is too late, and the window has failed. Often times, after a hailstorm, the inspector or contractor is focused on other parts of your home like your roof and they miss the damage to your windows. Left unchecked, hail damaged windows fail over time. The results can be drafty windows, foggy glass, hard to open windows, and even black staining on the interior wood trim.

Storm Damage Assessment Experts.

Meridian Restoration will conduct a complete inspection of your home’s exterior, including your windows. If your windows are damaged, you will be informed of the next steps to getting repairs made. Knowing the facts helps you to act promptly and get repairs made before it’s too late. If you think your windows may have been damaged by a recent hailstorm, call Meridian Restoration today!

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